Tournament Golf

It is as easy as (1) open the app, (2) pick an available tournament, (3) enter and compete for prizes. No longer do you have to belong to a club and have to play at a certain time or day. ActionGolfers is your virtual club.


Find your Course,
Find your Tournament

Use this feature to plan where your next round of golf will be. Or, dial this up to find a tournament whether you’re at the course or on your way there. To ease the process you can search by the following:

  • Search by your Location
  • Search by Course Name
  • Search by City
  • Search by Tournament Organizer

Select and
Enter Tournament

Once you’ve found the one tournament or more to compete in, simply select Enter and begin.

  • You can play in tournaments at your desired course and desired time that fit your availability. It is on-demand tournament play
  • You can invite your friends to compete in the same tournament
  • There are No Fee or Fee based tournaments for prizes
  • There are private tournaments that you can set up for you and your friends at any time or you can be invited to these private tournaments from your friends. It is not publicly viewable or available to anyone else. So your weekly foursomes or golf trips can leverage this format. This private play format allows a new golfer to use the “Approximate Index” provided by ActionGolfers


Your GHIN index will determine the number of strokes you receive against the other players in the field. With every shot, feel the intensity and focus that is competitive golf. Play smart, play focused, get a lucky bounce here and there and move up the leaderboard.

  • Live Leaderboard updates through the hole that you’ve just completed
  • After completion of your round, follow the tournament and get updates on results and standings
  • Share scores and results with friends
  • Like your friends, competitors, courses, and get news and updates on tournament developments from their activity

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